We'd love to do all of your design work, but also realize that many of you have in-house designers. When it comes to cutting out backgrounds from all your photos, let's be honest — it's TIME CONSUMING and TEDIOUS. Who has the time? WE DO! We have the resources to take ALL of your photos — whether it's 10 or 200 — drop out backgrounds quickly and provide PSDs so that your designer can skip the menial work and go straight to design — simply click & drag / copy & paste the cut out image. 

We've been cutting out photo backgrounds for college sports for over 20 years — you name the sport and we've done it. The image in each photo is "manually" cut-out with a pen tool — NOT using the magic wand or magnetic lasso tools which can leave unclean edges. The image is then "defringed" to leave a slightly "feathered" edge instead of a "hard cut-out" look as is so often the case. The image is then saved as a PSD with the background (original) layer hidden. Color correction, HDR toning (converting your photo into a high-contrast "impact" image) and custom Photoshop retouching of each image is also available.

Prices start at $5 per photo with turnaround in as little as 24 hours dependent upon volume. Faster service is also available. PRICE BREAKS available for large volumes!

Call, email or send us a few samples of your photos and we'll provide a quick quote.